Sunday School

Westminster Infant and Toddler Nursery is for children ages: Infant – Age 4                                          img_3971

Sunday mornings:
Fall: September 10th – May 21st 8:45 ~ 12:00
Summer: May 28th ~ September 3rd – 9:45 ~ 11:00

For families visiting or new to our congregation, the Nursery is often the first and most important introduction to Westminster. Our Infant and Toddler Nursery is a Ministry for young families and their children. We have a Nursery Staff that is very experienced in caring for infants and toddlers, and each member is trained in our Child Protection Policy, CPR trained and certified, and background checked. Having a paid Nursery Staff helps to maintain a comfortable, nurturing environment for your child by having the same familiar faces to greet them when they come into the Nursery.


Meet Our Nursery Staff

Nursery Policy Statement

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Director of Children Ministries

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               Elementary Sunday School

Our Elementary Sunday School program at Westminster offers the best possible curriculum, teaching staff, and atmosphere where children can learn the stories traditions and history of our faith and to grow in their personal relationship with God. In every aspect of our ministry with children we focus on community and world service beginning with the Preschool Sunday School class.

Our Curriculum for all Elementary Children is Growing in Grace and Gratitude published by PCUSA Congregational Ministries. This curriculum follows Westminster’s Mission statement and our goals in Christian Formation for our children’s programming and education. “Growing in Grace & Gratitude is rooted in the foundation of Presbyterian identity where God’s grace and our gratitude are the heartbeat of our faith, life, and worship; extends an invitation to discipleship that inspires children to learn and practice hospitality, generosity, and love; and reaches beyond Sunday morning, encouraging children to live their lives as an expression of God’s grace.”

There is a section of the curriculum that is called Loving and Serving God that extends the invitation beyond Sunday School to LIVE as an expression of God’s grace, and to practice hospitality, generosity and love in their daily lives. There is also a resource for families called Grace Sightings that is an online resource along with a downloadable e-book for children to use at home with your child. Here is the link the Grace Sightings. We hope you enjoy this with your child 🙂

Preschool Sunday School: Ages 3, 4 & 5 is held at 10:00 in the Preschool Sunday School room
Kindergarten & 1st Grade Sunday School: is held in the Children’s Worship/K & 1st Grade classroom
2nd, 3rd & 4th Grade Sunday School: is held in the left side of the downstairs Fellowship Hall and will also have access to the Hearth Room downstairs.

We will all meet together each Sunday in the downstairs Fellowship Hall for singing, Kids News and Offering led by Debbie Babelay and the children then go to their classrooms. We will send home a music cd for the children to have at home.














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Director of Children Ministries
dsc_3628Making Faith Connections!

The 5-7th graders will explore our faith using the engaging Connect curriculum. Using videos, hands-on activities, and team-building discussions, Connect helps youth uncover major Biblical themes and discover how the Bible relates to their own lives. Sunday school and Fellowship will help youth grow spiritually and socially. Our goal for Sunday morning is to encourage youth to explore and develop their individual faith while realizing they are valued members of the church and worldwide faith community.

The Middle School (5th thru 7th graders) Sunday School meets during the regular Sunday School time (10:00 a.m.) in the Middle School Room.

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Barbara Adamcik, Director of Youth and Connectional Ministries
584-3957 Ext. 104


2016 Confirmation class and Mentors

At Westminster, 8th graders are given the opportunity to participate in Confirmation. Confirmation is a formal process whereby individuals may confirm the vows make at their baptism or choose to be baptized and publicly affirm their beliefs. Confirmation will provide a place and space for questions and reflection leading to that affirmation. Each confirmand will be partnered with a member of the church who will share this journey with them. The class meets weekly, in Barbara’s office during Sunday School (10-10:50 am) If you are a post-8th grader and desire to be confirmed, contact Barbara about classes for older youth.

Have questions?

Barbara Adamcik, Director of Youth and Connectional Ministries
584-3957 Ext. 104

Faith Now!

High schoolers will reflect on their life’s faith journey, where they’ve been, where their journey is taking them. Our older youth will be discussing how they meet challenges of faith in the “real world” and realizing the powerful impact their faith and actions have in our community and the world!

img_4246The High School (9th through 12th graders) Sunday School meets during the normal Sunday School hour (10:00 a.m.) in the Senior High Room.

Have questions?

Barbara Adamcik, Director of Youth and Connectional Ministries
584-3957 Ext. 104

If you are visiting Westminster, just ask anyone you see at the church for directions to the meeting rooms. Also, be sure to check the announcements in each week’s church bulletin or on the video screen outside the kitchen for more learning opportunities.


BIBLE STUDY — Led by Scott Brunger, this class meets in the library. The group studies books of the Bible in great detail. Don’t be afraid to jump in! There is lively discussion and in-depth study.




FAITH AND LIFE — This class, meeting in the Fellowship Hall, offers a series of topics with something for everyone. On November 5, 12, and 19, Rev. John Muntz will lead a class that’s excellent for anyone, but especially good for newer Presbyterians. He’ll help you take a look at who we are as Presbyterians, what we believe, and how we govern ourselves. Then on November 26 and December 3 we’ll have two weeks of Welcome to Westminster for those of you who have recently joined or are visiting and want to know more about us. You’ll hear about the history of the congregation, get a tour of the building, and learn about lots of ways to get involved. If you want more information, contact Mary Boyd at the church.

FEASTING ON THE WORD — This is a new (to us) curriculum from the PC(USA) that is lectionary-based. You will get an opportunity to hear and study the texts that will likely be read in worship that same day. The take on the texts may not be exactly what you hear from the pulpit, but can provide another perspective on the scriptures. The class will be taught on a rotating basis by Linda Judge-McRae, Phil Barnette, Tim Crais, and UKirk’s Campus Minister, Andy Morgan. Click on this link to see the lessons for each week.  Feasting on the Word Timeline


THE WIRED WORD — This topics-based class uses events from the news and helps us relate them to our call to live out the Gospel. The only resource needed is a smart phone or a tablet. Participants will receive an email each week with a story ripped from the news headlines. There are Bible references and discussion. The class is facilitated by a rotating group of teachers that include Jeff and Amy Gilbert, Jack Carley, Shawn and David Owens, and Scott and Ashley Porter. This class meets in the Prayer Room.
COFFEE HOUSE — Do you just want a chance to chat with folks on Sunday morning? Come to the Coffee House in the Schilling Gallery each week for a cup of coffee and something to nibble on while you visit with friends.

Have questions?

Mary Boyd, Adult Education Coordinator
584-3957 Ext. 106