April 19, 2010

Good afternoon Westminster,

Happy Monday to you! Wasn’t Sunday’s worship service powerful? From Peter’s prelude all the way through John’s sermon – I just keep thinking about how blessed we all are to worship together and journey our faith with one another. It was the first time I’ve heard the story of Ananias and how he graciously did what the Lord called him to do.  I love the work of behind-the -scenes people like Ananias and the amazing work they do. Westminster is blessed with tons of people like Ananias.  On any given day you can catch people here working on projects like the Reafsnyder Memorial Library; or weeding the gardens; or participating in community relief efforts like FISH, VMC, and our upcoming Habitat build; or making flower arrangements from Sunday’s arrangement to take to shut ins; being a Mentor; being a Stephen Minister, teaching a class; or …. the list goes on and on. We are truly blessed. John’s sharing of how the Lord is working in people’s lives so that they can be an “Ananias” in our lives or how He works in our lives so that we can be that type of brother/sister to others truly speaks to me. What each of us do on a daily basis – whether we are 2 or a 102 – really does matter to the people around us and for this, I say “thank you”!  Just last night a beautiful two year old spoke to me… We had the wonderful opportunity of having Amy, Eric, and Nina Theiss for dinner and Nina wanted to say the blessing. I have chill bumps remembering how excited she was – jumping at the chance to thank God for our food. While I listened, I found myself hanging on to every word that she lifted up in prayer. It is amazing to think about how wonderful this world would be if we all became as willing to answer God’s call like Ananias or jump at the chance to lift up prayers like precious two year old Nina!!!

Hope you have a very beautiful week!



Week at a glance here:

Wednesday: Blessed Earth video in the McKinnon Room starts at 7:30 p.m. and last about one hour

Thursday: Men’s Thursday Fellowship at 7:00 a.m.