Do You Have a Favorite?

Similar to most of you, I have precious memories of reading books to my kids while they were little. We’d have this weekly tradition of visiting our church library after worship to check out a couple of books to read throughout the week. As you already know, the JoAnn Reafsnyder Memorial Library is getting a complete renovation. Every week we get closer and closer to having it come to life. It is a dream of ours to have it be a place where people will go on a regular basis to check out books, gather for meetings, and use it for a resource in their daily journey of faith. Sandra and I are building on all the hard work and investment that JoAnn Reafsnyder and Judy Moon have done over the years. The area that we want to add is a Children’s section. We will start out small to see if the area is visited and can build on it down the road. This is where you come into play. If you want to donate your favorite children’s bible story book (new or used) – we would love to include it in the Library! If you want to donate it in honor or memory of someone, we can place a notation in the book. We appreciate your support! I hear from Sue McSween that the chairs are being delivered this week, the conference table can be delivered any time, and the carpet will be installed within the next couple of weeks. Praise the Lord!  Hugs,  Renee Wiesehuegel