Many Thanks!

The greatest gift is love, and that gift was given and received abundantly December 6 through the performances and hard work of all involved in the Children’s Christmas presentation of The Other Wiseman. How often do we fall short or give up when presented with challenges of schedule, money, or ability in our daily lives or especially upon our faith journeys? Artaban’s story inspires us to do what is right and to persevere when roadblocks appear. These children of all ages, their parents, and other adults inspired by the challenge of working together in a ministry of creative worship and development of their God-given talents once again shared an inspiring Advent evening at Westminster! Thank you to all who acted, directed, sewed, coordinated, built, lit, recorded, fed, printed, applied make-up, drove, waited, and attended the performance.  It was a perfect Advent evening.          Lisa Trofatter and Barbara Adamcik