March 10, 2010

Good Afternoon Westminster,

There are a lot of exciting things going on here at Westminster! I know our lives get crazy hectic during this time of the year but I want to encourage you to come to the Lenten Evening Vespers Service tonight (and future Wednesday nights until Easter). The soup dinner is at 5:45 pm and the service begins no later than 6:30 pm. We all have to eat dinner and more importantly – we all need to get off our merry-go-rounds to ponder and reflect what is happening in our lives. I love the setting of the service, the enriching music, the scriptures that are read and prayers that are lifted up to the Lord. I appreciate all the people who have already shared the musical talent that the Lord has blessed them with (Deborah Phillips, Lisa Ellis, Laura Dupper, Jo Ann Powell, Joanne Bendy, Daniel Berry, Ibbie Muntz, Margaret Harrison, and Meredith Mackay) and look forward to future services. Westminster is very fortunate to have so many members who give so freely of their time and talents!!! Read a sample of tonight’s service at the end of this announcement and do make plans to come tonight! Hope to see you there! Hugs – Renee Wiesehuegel

 * * *

From Lisa Trofatter:

Three nights to remember, BRAVO!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Westminster Players’ production of the Trip to Bountiful.  Whether you acted, supported set or costume production, publicized, or attended a performance, you were critical to the success of the play. If you attended,  you understand the depth of emotion and life experience that the actors shared through their performances. We are all someone’s child, we have all experienced disappointment and even in caricature we can recognize something familiar in our families and ourselves from portrayals of the cast. It was an emotional and exceptional three evenings of theater at Westminster. If you missed it, perhaps you can borrow a video from one of the company. The Holy Spirit was certainly with us on those nights. Blessings upon Westminster Players and this  congregation for supporting a ministry that without question allows us to experience and develop the talents God has given us in as we explore life through drama. 

 * * *

 The Order of Worship                                                                                                                                              3-10-2010


 OPENING MUSIC   Bless the Lord, My Soul                                                                                           Jacques Berthier

 OPENING SENTENCES:                                                                                                         Patrick of Ireland – 389-461

                Christ be with me, Christ within me,

                Christ behind me, Christ before me,

                Christ beside me, Christ to win me,

                Christ to comfort and restore me,

                Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

                Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,

          Christ in hearts of all that love me,

          Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

 RESPONSORIAL PSALM   Psalm 23                                                                                            Howard Hughes, S.M.

(Congregation will sing refrain as directed.)

 SCRIPTURE READING                                                                                                                                       Mark 8:27-37


 PSALM 25   I Lift My Soul to You, Lord                                                                                                Swedish Folk Tune

              arr. Michael Burkhardt

 I lift my soul to you, Lord; I trust, O God, in you. Show me your paths and guide me; teach me all I should do. Remember your great mercy, your everlasting love; forgive me, God my Savior; my guilt and sin remove.

 Your covenant and mercy are with me all my days to comfort and to bless me when I walk in your ways. Whenever I look upward, I find you waiting there, to bear me and to keep me safe in your loving care.


                Let my prayer rise before you as incense, O God,

The lifting of my hands as an evening sacrifice.

                                 (Prayer continues…)


                (Leader concludes the silence…)

Loving God, as you have shared life and love with us, lead us to share ourselves, that in the giving of our lives others may recognize your love. Direct our steps in discipleship, and protect our souls in faith, in the name of Jesus Christ, who commanded us to love by his righteous example, and who taught us to pray…


 CLOSING MUSIC   Day Is Done                                                      Welsh Melody

                                                                                                                       Ar hyd y nos

 (Music may be found in blue Presbyterian Hymnal, No. 544, stanza 1.)

Day is done, but love unfailing dwells ever here.

Shadows fall, but hope, prevailing, calms every fear.

God our maker, none forsaking, take our hearts, of love’s own making;

Watch our sleeping; guard our waking. Be always near.


    May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace through the power of the Holy Spirit.


The Peace of Christ be with you.

 And also with you.

   (Pass the peace with one another as you leave)

 Thank you to this evening’s musicians, Ibbie Muntz, Margaret Harrison and Joanne Bendy.