March 4, 2011

Happy Friday Westminster! Aren’t you loving all this sunshine? Someone shared with me this great saying yesterday – “If the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence – it is time to spread fertilizer”. =) I’ve been thinking about how important it is to apply this simple phrase in our lives. The Lord has blessed each of us with so much grace in this world yet we easily find ourselves burdened with feelings of loss, anxiety, and desire for “more”. I’ve loved the teachings of Anne Dungan and Tim Crais in “The Losses of Our Lives” Sunday school class this semester. I encourage you to read the book one day. The author does a fantastic job in teaching us to name our loss, grieve it, and then move on in life so that we can live it abundantly. The examples she shares and the classroom discussions we had were totally awesome. This coming Sunday, participants in this class will lead worship at both services. I appreciate the willingness of the five people who are going to share from the pulpit their experiences as well as the others who will serve as Liturgists. You will also get to listen to some of the scripture that we got to study in this class. The season of Lent is a very powerful season of the church life. I hope that you will embrace it and get involved in all the many programs that are in store for us. Buran will lead us off with the Ash Wednesday service this coming Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in the Sanctuary. Please make plans to attend! On Wednesday nights following Ash Wednesday, we will hold our annual Lenten Series (soup dinner in Fellowship Hall then service in Sanctuary). If you never have been to one of these services – please try it. I bet you will find it very meaningful. Learning to take time out of our merry-go-round lives to sit, pray, and listen is a gift to be treasured. Ginny Baker is offering a “Breath of Life” prayer class immediately following the service. Books are available for $10 each and there is a signup sheet in the Schilling Gallery. The adult Sunday School class will hold a Lenten series class entitled “Learning Forgiveness”. It begins March 13.  Hugs, Renee Wiesehuegel