Neighborhood Groups to Convene

Every so often in the life of our church we convene all of the Neighborhood Groups for something very important. That time has come once again. During April and May we will be convening all of the neighborhood groups to take part in a presentation and discussion of the Vision Report which you have recently heard referenced by Rev. Phillips and others. It is time for all of us to review our new Vision and Mission statements and discuss how we as a church can grow into the new vision and mission.

You will soon be contacted by your Neighborhood Coordinator to come and participate in a 1 1/2 hour meeting. Leading the meetings will be a team of two elders, one Vision Task Force person, and one facilitator. The first half hour will be a meal and the next hour will be the presentation which will involve your participation and idea sharing. When your neighborhood coordinator contacts you, we hope you will mark your calendar and then attend this very important meeting in your neighborhood.

By participating in the meeting you can help shape the future of Westminster Presbyterian Church.