“Sowing Generously”

II Corinthians 9:6-15. I love this passage in the Bible. When I read it today – it so reminded me of the generosity of the Westminster family of faith. Whether there is work to be done at the FISH Pantry, or building a Habitat house, or painting in the Library, or weeding the gardens, or serving a hot meal at Volunteer Ministry Center – etc. etc. – I am continually amazed how easy our members step up to the plate to give of their time.  Seriously, over these past 11+ years that I’ve have the privilege to work in the office – never have I seen a community outreach event been canceled because of lack of volunteers. This is something you should be very proud of Westminster! All Sandra and I have to do is send out an email asking for volunteers – and poof – the work gets done! Praise the Lord!!! Not only your time – but you give so freely of your talents. Just in this year alone, Westminster has given through these special offerings:

$5,250 to Heifer International

-works toward the mission of ending world hunger and poverty and caring for the earth

$1,261 to Joy Gift Offering

-supports retired church workers through the Board of Pensions and support Racial ethnic education

$1,086 to Rice Bowl International

provides food for the body and spirit of orphans in the name of Christ

$3,813 to One Great Hour of Sharing

gifts are divided among the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self-Development of People and Presbyterian Disaster Assistance through the General Assembly

$1,031 to Pentecost Offering

– supports children at risk and to nurture the faith of youth and young adults

 $200 to Volunteer Ministry Center

-This is the average monthly expense for one breakfast and one lunch and is funded 100% through our Two Cents a Meal offering which is collected on the first Sunday of each month

You are amazing Westminster!

Hugs and more hugs,

Renee Wiesehuegel