Wednesdays With Westminster

The Westminster parking lot is a winter wonderland!  The snow is absolutely gorgeous! We have decided to postpone tonight’s Epiphany Party until next Wednesday (January 12). Hopefully all that yummy soup that Worship, Music, and the Arts cooked for us tonight can be put to great use!  So mark your calendars for January 12th!

Nurturing News:

We have several members in our congregation who are dealing with some major medical issues either with  themselves or loved ones. Please pray for comfort, peace, and healing for them all. Our God is an awesome God!

We received the wonderful news that Sandra Williams got her neck brace off today at Vanderbilt Hospital and is begging to come back to work in the morning. J The staff has greatly missed her presence at church. Thank you for all your prayers and supports during her recovery!

Stay home and be safe!


Renee Wiesehuegel